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Giving Ocean Reef Members an ON-SITE alternative for Audio, Video, Lighting & Home Control

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Q: What is "the entertainment lifestyle"?
A: "The entertainment lifestyle" simply consists of having centralized control of all the systems in your home where normally several points of control and contact would exist and unifying them into ONE point of control and ONE point of contact (i.e. JBE).

Q: Do I have space for a Home Theater?
A: We consider a home theater to be a space that you use or would like to use as a premium entertainment area. Simply put, any area can be YOUR home theater. Whether it is your great room, living room, or dedicated theater, we have hi-fidelity systems to accomodate all spaces.

Q: What is Distributed Audio and Video?
A: Distributed A/V means having a centralized location for all media (music, movies, etc) and having access to them no matter where you are in your home.

Q: Why do I need Lighting Control?
A: With a focus towards becoming a "Green" society centrally controlling lighting, both natural and artificial, we can become more energy efficient thus conserving electricity and the environment.

Q: My home is already built... Is it too late for A/V distribution or lighting control?
A: No... Retrofit systems are available and affordable.

Q: When do I need to start thinking about incorporating these systems in my home prior to construction?
A: The sooner, the better. These systems allow for complete control of the home and can be designed in along with the electrical designs as all systems incorporate some use of low-voltage electricity.

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